Wednesday, 1 September 2004

Some Summer Holiday comments and questions from a four-year-old:

·         When is it going to be the end of winter?
·         Why do wind socks get up early?
·         I've got tummy ache - I can't move anything except my eyes!
·         Why are butterflies beautiful?
·         What do people have on their websites?
·         Are the flies scared of me?
·         Can you go through the gap between the lightning and the thunder?
·         Look, they've put the sunset up again!
·         Why does funeral have fune with it?!
·         Why is it just the way it is?

I Believe …  revisited
An interesting exercise is to sit down and think about your lifestyle and your aspirations and trying to stay within the space between the two consider what are your beliefs in as far as they have / should have a practical implication for the way you live.  Write them down.  Put them away from a while, and then go back to them at a later date.  Here is the list I made a few weeks ago:

I believe in …
… living simply.
… building a secure, happy and fulfilling family life.
… developing my skills & interests, knowledge & understanding.
… keeping fit and competing.
… living in a good relationship with the 'natural world'.
… contributing to the wellbeing of others.
… everyone having good food, clean water and personal security.
… treating people with justice.
… responsible freedom of choice.

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