Friday, 1 April 2005


Yesterday we brought Jemima home from hospital after 5 days on Ward 37 overcoming pneumonia.  On the same day the news was full of the 2 day old boy who had fallen victim to the MRSA superbug.  Jemima was really quite ill when we first got her to hospital, though it was only in retrospect that we appreciated quite how much she had been struggling.  With that scare in mind our hearts go out to those who are bereaved.
It also reminds us of the fine balance that we often walk in this life.  We are very grateful for the discovery and efficacy of antibiotics.  It took about a day and a half for their effect to be noticeable on Jemima but thereafter she bounced back very strongly - from being a shadow of herself she became her usual larger-than-life character on the ward.  At the same time we appreciate the need to use such drugs sparingly - even though we as a human race are capable of amazing advances we will never become omnipotent - we are always part of a delicate and complex web, where potential for good and for bad evolve just as fast as we do.
The worst moment for me during the last few days was when the first cannula came out of Jemima's hand and a new one had to be sited in her other.  She was still feeling very unwell and she knew this time how unpleasant it was going to be.  If her lungs had both been at full strength it would have been deafening!  As it was I had the job of holding her and I felt the powerlessness of not being able to do anything to make things better except be there - one of the hardest things and most important things that ever has to be done.
We now have to give her five days worth of oral antibiotics.  5 ml four times a day doesn't sound too bad, except that each dose requires both my and Beccy's full strength and determination which still seem to be only about half those of Jemima.  Only by getting the syringe right to the back of her throat can we have some faint hope that the sticky mess won't come straight back out again like some garish volcano.
Anyway, we will certainly have a happy Easter in our house - assuming we all catch up with our sleep on time - and we hope you all have a happy Easter and find yourselves full of the joys of Spring!

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